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    Eyeglasses Photography

    eyeglasses photography

    Eyewear-photography is located in Fullerton, California. We provide high quality eyeglasses product photography for E-commerce and eyeglass retailers at affordable price.

    Pricing Structure: 

    Please specify the angle shots when sending us an email, our standard shots.
    For plastic frame priced as follows:
    1 photo : free , 2-10 photos : $8 per photo , 11- 50 photos : $7 per photo , 50 + : $6 per photo.
    For metal frame :  + $4.

    Image Proberty:

     Width size : 2000 pixel, best use for Amazon, Ebay, etc
    Color representation sRGB, pure white background.


    All eyeglasses brand images are belong to Clients as we are considered to be hired to shoot eyewear products. That being said, we do not claim the image ownership.

    Send us  a request for free shot