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    Tips for sunglasses product photography

    Sunglasses product photography

    Sunglasses is made from many different materials, which has tendency to reflect everything in front, so sunglasses photographers may face many challenges. Here are some tips to help you save time to produce the quality white background images.

    Sunglasses preparation:

    Good preparation will save time for shooting and image processing later. Arrange your large size sunglasses are in the same group, and so on for the small size. This way you don’t have to change camera position from tripod for every single shot.

    Clean dust perfectly from sunglasses. Tiny dusts are invisible, but camera is capable to catch them.

    Put the sunglasses on the flat surface, make sure there are no gap at touch point areas. You may adjust the temples a bit to get balance. Sometimes sunglasses are crooked, so you don’t get a good shape image.

    Lighting & background

    Lighting is one of the most important parts in shooting sunglasses. The best way is light sources come from the top and both sides.
    To get the best result, light source must be diffused.
    Light box is the best choice for sunglasses photography, save time to set up.
    Use seamless white paper as a background.

    Set up the white balance

    Set up the white balance, so you can get the near-white background.
    Depend what kind of camera you are using, see the manual how to set up the white balance. You may set either auto or custom white balance, camera will understand what’s light source you are using.

    Setting the camera

    Set the camera on manual mode.
    Set the aperture from F/8 to F/16 to make sure the camera is capable to focus the entire sunglasses. 
    ISO will be set as low as possible.
    Use a good tripod.

    Shooting sunglasses

    Depends your angle shot, the objects in front of sunglasses may partly appear on lenses. Your jobs are to minimize this reflection to save time for post-processing.

    For the angle shot, If the reflection appears on the left lens, then use seamless paper (the same as background) as a reflector, places it near left lens, you may adjust a bit until all reflection disappear when viewing image from the camera.

    Sunglasses photography-angle shot

                Angle shot- All reflections on mirror lens sunglasses were removed completely by using a reflector.

    For the straight shot, you may cut a hole through a seamless paper, then put the camera lens through this hole. This way you will get reflection from the camera lens only, not the entire objects from the front of sunglasses.

    Sunglasses photography-Straight shot

    Straight shot- Sunglasses image after using photoshop to remove the camera lens relfection 


    Your images from camera will have near-white background.
    Use photoshop to remove all areas which have near-white color.

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